Tredinnick Welcomes Conservative School Funding Pledge

David Tredinnick, Conservative candidate for Bosworth, has enthusiastically welcomed a commitment in the Conservative Party manifesto to continue to the increased Government funding for Leicestershire schools. 

The Conservatives’ election manifesto makes clear that the £20.5 million extra money provided by the Government for school pupils will become the baseline for funding in the next Parliament. 

As Member of Parliament, David Tredinnick worked for a long time with the F40 Group to campaign for a fairer deal for schools in the 40 lowest funded education authorities in England.  Leicestershire was regularly at the very bottom of the funding league thanks to a long unreformed and unfair formula that saw pupils in other areas receiving much great amounts of money per head. 

David Tredinnick said, “I’ve worked for years for fairer funding for Leicestershire schools and the Conservatives in Government acted to improve the situation.  I am delighted that the Conservative manifesto has pledged to make the extra funding the baseline for our local schools and we can then look at making the system fairer still.”