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Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 26 September 2020

I’m sure that you would agree it’s been another busy week in parliament and, as you may expect, lots of constituents have been contacting me about what may happen during the next stage of coronavirus; and to tell me of their concerns and suggestions.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 12 September 2020

With the introduction of new Covid-19 restrictions and votes to prepare the United Kingdom for the end of the Brexit transition period it has been a busy week in Westminster.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 5 September 2020

This week Parliament has returned from its Summer recess and like most other MPs I have returned to Westminster for what is likely to be the busiest parliamentary term in years.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 1 August 2020

During parliamentary recess MPs will often focus on constituency casework, where we look to help individual constituents with problems that they may be having.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 18 July 2020

This week has been the last full week before parliament breaks for its annual summer recess and as you may expect it’s been a particularly busy one both in the chamber and meetings as we try to complete important work before the break.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 11 July 2020

Last weekend saw the lifting of many of the lockdown restrictions that we have being living under for the past three and half months. For the first time our pubs, restaurants and hairdressers opened.

Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 4 July 2020

Today sees the opening of pubs, restaurants, other hospitality businesses and hairdressers for the first time since lockdown commenced.

I’m sure that this is a day that many of us have looked forward to for months.

Please remember that we’re now living life in ‘the new normal’.