Prime Minister’s Questions – Tredinnick asks about working with Russia to defeat terrorism.

During Prime Minister’s Questions today in the House of Commons, Bosworth’s MP asked David Cameron about working with Russia to strengthen the fight against terrorism as it once again made its evil mark on a European capital city.

David Tredinnick MP, “Is my Rt Hon. Friend aware of the remarks this morning by the Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergie Lavrov – that we should put aside our differences and that terrorists should not be allowed to run the show?  Does my Rt Hon. Friend agree that we would be stronger if we could work together, but to do that we will have to have a better understanding of Russia’s security needs? 

David Cameron MP, The Prime Minister, replied, “Of course, we want to work with everyone we can to combat terrorism, but particularly when it comes to what is happening in Syria it is vitally important that the Russians stop any attacks and do not restart any attacks against moderate Sunnis and moderate Syrian opposition, which clearly have to form a part of that country.  We cannot in the end defeat terrorism simply through the use of guns and missiles.  We defeat terrorism through governance and good working democracies, because in that way people can see their own interests being represented by the countries in which they live.”