Dr Luke’s Weekly Update – 22 February 2020

This week parliament has been in recess which means that I have been working in the constituency office. It’s been an invaluable week for me because it has been the first time that I have been able to sit down with my team at length to plan how we can best serve the residents of Hinckley and Bosworth.

My office is now fully staffed and Victoria, Richard, Leon and Tim will be able to help you with any problems that you may have; and help me with the campaigns that I want to run on your behalf in parliament.

I have also:

  • Held my first Parish Council Forum with representatives of local parish councils. Our parish councils are at the heart of our communities and inevitably have an unparalleled understanding of them; it’s so important to hear their views on the pressing issues facing the towns and villages they represent.
  • Had a meeting with local prostate cancer charity PROSTaid and helped launch their campaign for National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Been in contact with University Hospitals Leicester and the Department of Health to push for a date when we can expect a new X-ray suite to open at Hinckley and District Hospital.
  • Published my first performance update, since the election we’ve heard from 542 different constituents, receiving 906 different emails.
  • Held another constituent surgery hearing about a wide range of issues and picking up casework to help local people.
  • Visited potential office spaces and will hopefully have news on that soon, and...
  • Finally started to make a dent on the hundreds of emails...if you wrote to me I hope you will have heard from me or will do in the very near future!