Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 18 July 2020

This week has been the last full week before parliament breaks for its annual summer recess and as you may expect it’s been a particularly busy one both in the chamber and meetings as we try to complete important work before the break.

It was a relief to hear that the local lockdown is gradually reducing, but there is still plenty of work to be done, and thank you to you all for your patience, understanding and following the guidelines.

This week I have:

  • Met with Governors and Senior Leaders and visited Hinckley Academy and John Cleveland Sixth Form College.
  • And Governors at Hastings School, Burbage.
  • Asked the Health Secretary, Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP, about the ongoing impact of the Leicester Lockdown on residents of Hinckley and Bosworth.
  • Held a virtual meeting with ministers to discuss trading arrangements with the United States.
  • Took part in the Health and Social Care Select Committee.
  • Asked the veteran’s minister about ensuring servicemen and woman are held to account when necessary, but also protected from vexatious claims against them.
  • Alongside other Leicestershire  MPs met with the Chancellor of the Exchequer to discuss business support for the Leicester Lockdown.
  • Met with the Chair of the Leicestershire and Rutland Local Medical Committee.
  • Took part in a webinar with the Society for Health Care Reform on the topic of medical education at universities.
  • Met with the minister responsible for online harms to talk about body image and mental health impacts of social media.