Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 15 February 2020

Perhaps the most daunting event in the life of any Member of Parliament is the preparation for and day of your maiden speech. The butterflies in your stomach as you prepare to stand up in that historic chamber in front of your peers in the well-established format of extolling the virtues of your constituency; the legacy of your predecessor; and what motivated you to enter politics can be overwhelming.

This Thursday, during the general debate which take places before a parliamentary recess, I gave my own maiden speech - you can view it here.

Hopefully the nerves didn’t show too much and I gave a good account of this wonderful constituency that I am so privileged to represent.

Having given my maiden speech it also means that I am now permitted to speak in other parliamentary debates rather than just make interventions.

Aside from my speech I have also:

Met with other Leicestershire MPs, the Leader and Chief Executive of Leicestershire County Council and the Rt Hon Robert Jenrick – Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government – to discuss fairer funding for our county.

Took part in a debate led by my South Leicestershire colleague Alberto Costa MP about the proposed Hinckley national rail freight interchange.

Met with other MPs, councils and stakeholders in Market Harborough to discuss the future of the A5.

Welcomed a number of constituents to the House of Commons for Prime Ministers Questions and other meetings.

Met with Baroness Evans, Leader of the House of Lords to learn how the upper house can work with backbench MPs.

As a new member of the Health and Social Care Select Committee met with the Chairman, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP, to discuss our work program for the coming year.

Met with Beat, the UK’s leading charity supporting those affected by eating disorders; and the animal welfare charity Battersea, to discuss how parliament can help them.

Met with constituents on site in Burbage to talk about the impact of largescale planning applications.

Held another constituent surgery, this time at Barwell Constitutional Club…

…and went to see our new puppy, suggestions for a name are greatly appreciated.