County Cllr Ozzy O'Shea

Groby & Ratby Division:

Councillor Ozzy O’Shea was elected to the County Council in May 2013, he has also been a Borough Councillor for the last nine years.

During these years Ozzy has had multiple successes, from campaigning with local residents for the moving of a disruptive travellers' site at Thornton Reservoir, to getting the lights turned back on along Sacheverell Way in Groby. Ozzy makes a point of listening to local people, and acting upon their needs and what they feel is important – things that help all of the community.

One of these key developments has been the road safety of the area around Groby Community college and Brookvale High School. Installing bollards and extra road markings. This is part of the Councillor's larger plan to sort out parking in Groby and other areas to make it easier for residents and visitors. He believes infrastructure is the key to a thriving community and towards the development of the areas he represents. This has particularly been the case with the over-development much of the area has seen in past years with no regard for school places or highway improvements.

If you have any issues or suggestions, Councillor O’Shea would be happy to help, his contact details can be found on the sidebar.