Tredinnick Calls Time on the ‘Second’ Long Parliament

During yesterday’s debate on the Queen’s Speech, David Tredinnick warned the House of Commons not to ignore the will of the people when it meets on Saturday to consider its position on Brexit.

As he spoke in the Chamber, the Bosworth MP said, “I pray, in the earnest sense of the word, that on Saturday this House determines this matter of Brexit. I speak as a just-remainer who represents a midlands constituency that voted 60/40 out. I believe I have a moral duty to get my constituents out of Europe, and that the authority of the electorate - we delegated power to the electorate - supersedes anything passed by this House. It may be a legal nicety that the referendum was not legally binding, but woe betide this House if it ignores the will of the people.”

During his speech David Tredinnick also reflected on the wisdom of both Spike Milligan and Oliver Cromwell as he repeated his call for a General Election, saying, “…the House of Commons gift shop used to sell a fridge magnet featuring the words of a certain British comedian, Spike Milligan…“One day the don’t knows will get in, and then where will we be?” I fear that there is a danger that we shall be known as the ‘don’t know Parliament’.

“This is the second Long Parliament. My hon. Friend the Member for Southend West referred to the first Long Parliament and he may recall what Oliver Cromwell said on 20 April 1653:

“Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation; you were deputed here by the people to get grievances redress’d…In the name of God, go!"

Speaking outside the Commons, David Tredinnick added, “Like the vast majority of current Members of Parliament, I was elected in 2017 on a promise to deliver the decision to leave the EU made by the electorate in the Referendum of the previous year.

“This Parliament has failed to enact the will of the people and made a spectacle of itself in the process.  This situation must not be allowed to go on, so it really is time for the Commons to deliver Brexit and then let the voters have their say on the future direction of the country via a General Election.”