David Tredinnick, Member of Parliament for Bosworth, has welcomed proposals set out by Sir Clive Loader, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire, aimed at improving support to local victims of crime. 

In July 2012, the Ministry of Justice set out proposals focused on increasing support services to help victims and witnesses cope with the immediate impact of crime and to recover from the harm experienced. As part of the changes, responsibility for commissioning victim-specific support services will now be held locally under Police and Crime Commissioners. 

In terms of commissioning services for victims and witnesses, Sir Clive Loader’s initiative focuses on the three following areas: 

·         Commissioning an Integrated Victim Service which will track victims of recorded and self-reported crime throughout the criminal justice system. This victim-focused service will provide information, advice, practical support and access to ‘cope and recover’ services according to crime type and victim vulnerability/need.

·         Providing funds to protect and provide the provision of a minimum standard of support, regardless of place of residence within Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland

·         Commissioning a practical support/target hardening service for those assessed as vulnerable and/or at high risk of repeat victimisation. 

David Tredinnick said, “I welcome the efforts for improved focus on the victims of crime and their specific needs as it is vital that they are given all possible support during their interaction with the criminal justice system.  Locally introduced and monitored measures for adopting a more understanding approach to the likely problems and stress experienced by crime victims and witnesses is crucial to ensuring their needs are fully addressed and supported.”