Leicestershire MPs and County Council Leader meet Local Government Minister to discuss funding

Leicestershire County Council’s Leader Nick Rushton, today met six of the seven Leicestershire MPs, to brief Local Government Minister, Marcus Jones MP, on the tough budget situation facing the Council.

Cllr Rushton said, “I explained to the minister how, as a result of funding cuts and rising demand for social care services, we still have to save £78 million over the next four years and that this will mean tough decisions on other services people cherish.

“I pointed out that Leicestershire, as the lowest funded county council, would be hit harder than many other councils and that the current funding formula doesn’t make any sense. I am very grateful for the solid support from all the MPs, who raised their concerns.

“I’m encouraged that he listened to our points and I hope that the Government will take action to ensure a fairer outcome for Leicestershire residents, as he promised he would do.” 

David Tredinnick MP said, "As local MPs we are proud of the County Council's record of delivering quality services at the best possible value and we have consistently made clear to Government ministers over a long period that the local government funding system should not penalise Leicestershire simply because it operates so efficiently.  The County Council, supported by Leicestershire MPs, yesterday presented an excellent case for better funding for our area and I trust the Minister will now consider this carefully".