Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 2 May 2020

Captain Tom

A painting of Colonel Tom Moore painted by my colleague Dean Russell MP

I was delighted on Monday, I’m sure just like you, to see the Prime Minister returning to work, what a powerful symbol of his tussle with this dreaded virus. I’m certain that it has given the Government, MPs and the public a real boost in the knowledge that together we can defeat Coronavirus.

Of course the Prime Minister’s return to work was only the start of his week, I’m sure we all send our very best wishes to him and his fiancée on the birth of their son.

Another achievement which I would like to mention is the 100th birthday of the remarkable Colonel Tom Moore, what an inspirational figure he is to all of us.

There have been some very difficult for all of us in the past months, it’s so important not to ignore wonderful victories for human spirit. Whilst there may be more dark times to come we also know with certainty that the light will follow.

This week has been another busy one, I have:

  • Took part in another sitting of the Health and Social Care Select Committee where I asked the national cancer lead about ensuring cancer treatment continues for those who needs it. I also asked the Chair of the Royal College of GPs about the issues facing newly qualified GPs and their exams.
  • Spoke to our Local Policing Unit commander about the issue facing the police locally.
  • Supported local workers with queries about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.
  • Participated in a teleconference with our CCG, University Hospitals of Leicester and our mental health trust about dealing with COVID-19 and ongoing health work.
  • Trialled electronic voting in the House of Commons, a big change in the way we do things and absolutely essential that we get it right.
  • Congratulated the wonderful community volunteers in Stoke Golding who are making a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people in the village.
  • Helped constituents with non-Coronavirus related issues such as access to disability benefits. 
  • Wrote again to our parish councils about the outstanding work they are continuing to do.
  • Talked with the Secretary of State for the Environment and Minister of State about the need to support Twycross Zoo, and discussed its importance with BBC Radio 4 for a piece that will go out this weekend.
  • Held a meeting with the planning minister about the need for sustainable development in Hinckley & Bosworth and how we go about securing it.
  • Continued to make the case for grants for local businesses in special circumstances.
  • Been interviewed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for a piece on their flagship news show about PPE and testing.