Dr Luke's Weekly Update - 1 August 2020

During parliamentary recess MPs will often focus on constituency casework, where we look to help individual constituents with problems that they may be having.

The very nature of this work means that we must maintain confidentiality so it is very difficult to provide a detailed weekly list of activities for you, as I usually do.

So instead, I thought I would provide you with a summary of the work that as an office my team and I have undertaken since the start of the new year.

So with that in mind up to parliament rising last Wednesday we have received 9,296 emails, which have generated 4,384 new cases to be dealt with.

As you might expect, in terms of emails received, April and May were the busiest months.

Of the cases we have opened 43% of them have been about health services and medicine, with agriculture, animals food and rural affairs being the next most common way back on 12%.

In terms of policy issues we’ve received numerous emails about fur sales, protecting the oceans and the agriculture bill. But also anything from Bahrain human rights and Brexit to green issues and local planning.

Oh...and 1 or 2 on COVID!!

All in all it has been a phenomenally busy seven months.

My experienced staff tell me, who have worked for other MPs, that we have undertaken the same amount of work as would have been carried out in more normal times in 2 years!

I won’t be publishing any more weekly updates until parliament sits once more in early September.

But please, if you continue to need me in the coming month don’t hesitate to get in touch.