Dr Luke lobbies for fairer funding for Leicestershire

Dr Luke Evans, Member of Parliament for Bosworth has joined with Leicestershire’s six other Conservative MPs to call on the Government for fairer funding for our county.

The seven MPs, whose constituencies encompass the area covered by Leicestershire County Council, held a meeting with Luke Hall, the Minister for Local Government and Homelessness.

Leicestershire’s local government services have long been known as one of the lowest funded areas in the United Kingdom.

Following the meeting Dr Luke said “Leicestershire has been towards the bottom of the funding league table for far too long. There are historic reasons why as a county we receive less funding than other comparable areas, but it is a situation which can’t go on.

“Our local councils have done a remarkable job over the past decade of maintaining services whilst continually striving for efficiency, but it is not unreasonable to expect that Leicestershire should be able to be funded in line with other counties that have the same predominantly rural nature.

“The seven Leicestershire MPs are committed to work together to progress this important issue. It was very positive to hear the views of the Minister but the time for fairer funding for Leicestershire is very much due.”