What A Load of Rubbish

De Montfort Borough Councillor Jan Kirby has once again been helping to clean up Burbage Common with a Halloween themed litter pick.

Tredinnick and Over 100 MPs Write to the Prime Minister to Demand Fair School Funding

David Tredinnick and 110 other MPs have written an open letter to David Cameron calling on the Government to deliver school funding reform.  The MPs, working on a cross-party basis, asked the Prime Minister to implement the funding formula proposed by the F40 campaign group, which would ensure fair funding based on pupil need.

Burbage Common breathes again!

Councillor Jan Kirby and fellow volunteers recently made the most of the great autumnal weather by helping their local community. The steadfast group committed their Sunday morning to cleaning up the beautiful asset of Burbage Common, making a nicer, safer, and cleaner place for local residents to relax and play. 

Labour's plan for their own words

Labour are now a serious threat to Britain's economic security - with a plan that includes higher taxes on working people, printing money and spending even more than last time.SHARE this video to let friends know.

OFFICIAL: Labour will scrap the benefit cap

Today, Labour's leader committed Labour ‘to remove the whole idea of the benefit cap altogether’.Please SHARE this graphic to let everyone know that while the Conservatives have capped benefits so