Burbage Common breathes again!

Councillor Jan Kirby and fellow volunteers made the most of the great autumnal weather by helping their local community. The steadfast group committed their Sunday morning to cleaning up the beautiful asset of Burbage Common, making a nicer, safer, and cleaner place for local residents to relax and play. 

There was plenty of rubbish for everybody....unfortunately... But it does mean that the group will be getting back together later this month to do it all again, and have opened the invitation to everybody who wants to pitch in and lend a hand. 

Jan Kirby was extremely grateful, saying, "Thank you all that turned out to help including Councillors Stan & Liz Rooney, Councillors Mark Nickerson and Mary Sherwin. Not forgetting HBBC staff Caroline Roffey and Lisa Kirby and local residents."

Of course there was plenty of tea and coffee to keep everybody going. 

And remember - use the bins provided!